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Revealer - Shudder Original + One Shot Comic

Hello Lovely Beings

On my last Spoopy Comic Run, I picked out Revealer. I can admit that I picked it up based off of how cute the cover was, and the fact that it's supposed to correlate with the movie [which shares the same name]. It gave me a lil sense of excitement to know that I could watch the spooky movie version right after finishing the spooky comic!

Got myself washed, fed, and extra comfy. Settled in and started on my spooky journey with Revealer, the one shot. Look how cozy she looks in her lil bonnet 😊✨

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After only reading the comic... my feelings are solely that the intentions were to watch the movie first, enjoy the movie so much that you also want it illustrated one shot style. If it were just a comic, with no movie tie-in, I would feel unsatisfied. As if I'm missing some important pieces to this puzzle, since each of the four shorts were leaning more to being on the completely different side. I somehow assumed that Sally was black from the cover art...which may also have added to reasons for me wanting to pick it up. Representation is important dangit!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Three stars for some decent art styles, and for it being an easy read at least. Let's see if the movie puts this comic into a better perspective for me.

-Queue 80's horror music-

Tensions rise when a stripper and a religious protestor are trapped together in a peep show booth and must come together to survive the apocalypse in 1980s Chicago.

I can almost immediately see how the movie and comic correlate to eachother 😂. The opening scene throws some key comic points at you early on. Not too much later, I then realized that the sally character is a caucasion red-head. I suppose the one-shot gave you bits that you wouldn't get from watching the movie on it's own. Like a deeper look into the personal lives of some of the protagonist-like characters.

-Absolute banger from the soundtrack-

CAMPFEST, as expected of a movie that's supposed to give that 80's vibe, as I feel that was peak campy corny era. Demon zombies, long drawn out scenes of repeated lines, sob story plus new understanding equates to new found friendship. Okay, let me hush and actually finish the flick.

As the person I am, If I hadn't been drawn in to picking up Revealer in comic form...I most likely would have never picked to watch the movie. If I had, it would have probably ended up watching it did the first night I tried to watch and ended up heading off to snooze land 😅. But alas, I've finished the movie in its entirety. I think it cute that they added in some deeper moral lessons, but it still felt like a low budget flick from back in the day. I assumed there were 4 people on the cast from what I could see, but I forgot to count a couple voice actors making it a grand total of 6.

There wasn't much to give actual feelings of being frightened. Being scared as an innocent bystander is why I enjoy taking in so much horror media to begin with. I'm also not super fond of the cliffhanger ending. I'm left with feeling like I need some sort of closure that neither movie nor comic could give. Do I recommend this movie and comic tie-in? For sure, to anyone who already enjoys the cornier, cheesier, 80's-like horror style. As for me, I'm good with giving it one full read and watch.

🎃 Thank you for reading🎃


👻 Bonus Doodle👻

...still want her to be black LOL

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