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Remi Wolf x Orion Sun Concert ATL

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

There are very few artists that I want to experience in a live setting. Remi Wolf, and Orion Sun being two of them. What an absolute act of fate for both of them to be partnered up for a show, and local at that!

The Pre-Mindset

[as an introvert with social/stranger anxiety]

I like to do this thing where I gas myself up throughout the day, and as I get closer to an event I attempt to talk myself out of going. With that, I'm pretty nervous 😅 BUT more excited to be able to hear some of my favorite songs live and in person. Once I'm physically in the building and the show starts, I'm sure I'll be much more comfortable.

The Coord

Top: SHEIN [size:xs]

Bottoms: ROMWE [size:m]

Boots: ASOS [size:6]

Accessories: Fanny Pack + Necklace + Bracelet

I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to dress. I had many ideas of outfits, but since I'm but an onlooker and not in the show, I'm sure outfit changes throughout the night would be a bit asinine lol. When attending a Remi Wolf concert of any sort, I believe some kind of colorful pattern combo is a must when picking out your fit. I went with this criss cross cropped top, and some striped denim pants. I'm not super big on accessories, so I kept to a neckalce, usual ear bits, a bracelet, and my handy dandy fanny pack. I brought a cardigan just in case it was chili, but was perfectly fine throughout the evening.


As a member of the shorter-human-committee, I have to ensure I get a good enough spot to see the stage without also being too crowded by other beings. The venue used was The Eastern, which I think I may have been once in my earlier concert going days. They have open standing area "downstairs" with two other higher levels for standing as well. We got a good enough spot where I could pretend hard enough that the performers could for sure see me enjoying their concert. I joked with my partner that these two would be their new favorite artists by the end of the show. I don't think my predictions were too far off. Orion Sun opened...sounding absolutely angelic 🥲. I swore she noticed me recording and threw me the peace sign! I took the most pictures and videos during her set. I'm a big fan of Remi, but I think Orion holds a bigger space in my heart. Remi Wolf came on around an hour after Orion was done. Remi has such amazing energy when she's performing. She bounced all over the stage while singing, and made sure to take breaks to interact with the audience. [pictures + video can be enjoyed at the bottom]

After Feels

I am extremely pleased that I hadn't convinced myself to sit this one out. Especially with October starting a teeny bit rocky for me. Being able to enjoy this concert [and with a proper partner 😅] helped relieve some shoulder-weight that was starting to feel like it was growing. I think my dancing to just about every song, including the filler music, helped open up some chakras that were getting cramped. I truly hope they tour together again sometime in the future, or at least both make their ways back to Atlanta in general.

✨ Thank you for reading✨


Side note: We picked up a tote bag, signed poster,

and trucker hat as our concert merch souvenirs 😊.

Sadly, Orion Sun didn't have any merch available.

My partner deleted Pokemon Go from his phone so he would be able to get some recordings for me 🥲.

It's the thoughtfulness for me.

📸 Photo Gallery 📸

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