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October [Halloween] 2022

Hello spooky beings


October has come to an end for 2022, which means it's time to recap the spooky-spook month.

My October started out extremely ambitious, especially for a social anxiety ridden introvert as myself. I'd filled my calendar with outings and events, thinking I had the "be around human" energy needed for all of them. I missed seeing Miyavi in concert for a friend's birthday, and also missed out on the local anime convention [AWA]. I put majority of my focus on doing spooky cute things with my partner, and ensuring I had the cutest pennywise fit I've had to date.

I got heavy into comics, attended my first comic-based convention, saw Remy + Orion live, saw the Gorillaz live, and got to witness my partner do some amazing things for his passions. We got new Dragula, I got to host a fun raffle, and even got to stuff my face with cute spooky themed treats. Not much to complain about for this month. There were a few hiccups here and there, when I'd get into an apathetic state. Not nearly as bad as prior years/seasons. Oh! The first costume I'd bought [and wasted monties on 😭 ] ended up having grunked up measurements on the site, and the top was way too tight. I'd also ordered a pair of yellow contacts from TTDEYE...they decided to send me purple and refuse to do anything decent about it 😂. Other than those minor things, I say it was a delightful October.

As for the big holiday of the month, I fell asleep late late into Halloween morning, and woke up feeling like a zombie. Washing up, and getting some nutrients in me gave me enough energy to play around with finalizing my costume. Literally tearing things apart, and last minute hot gluing. Nevertheless, I think my pennywise still ended up coming out dang adorable!

As we leave October in our yesterday, I hope the transition into slightly less spooky, cozy season is smooth and riddled with silver linings for the whole lot of you lovely beings.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨

🍂 🐙


Who okay'd the name "pedoto pops", especially with that imagery?!

I literally can't find any info online about this company, and it's giving uncomfy.

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