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National Batman Day 2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Na na na na nana na BATMAN!

Whether he's your favorite action star or the favorite of someone close to you, you've heard highly of this hero time and time again. Batman's success over the years keeps him as a household name. Due to his overwhelming popularity, Batman is celebrated every third Saturday in September.

I took the time to celebrate with my partner, by visiting our local comic book and collector's stores to see what goodies we could find. My father's funko/figure collection had been taken from him [the thievery] a few months back, so my mission was to find some kind of figure that could help to properly restart his collection. I think I made out more than successfully.

First stop was to hit up Dr. No's Comics and Games. We followed up with going to 2nd Chance toys, located a literal walks away. Dr. No's was having a sale on their Batman Trades, and were also offering a free Batman day comic if you purchased anything DC related. I have some trades I still need to give my dad for prior holidays that I've been stashing, and I think our cashier forgot about the Batman Day comic 😅. I was still able to find a handful of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight comics for my feller. None in particular for father, but I did get an issue one of Armageddon 2001 that I think he'd like. Which does have Batman, fists up, on the cover with [I'm assuming] the rest of the Justice League. Still goes with theme!

My perfect finds were at 2nd Chance toys, though. Three beautiful Batmen, ripe and ready to be displayed in my Dad's office! Two came equipped with protectors, and all three were in near mint condition. *chef's kiss* I think it was a day well spent indeed. I hope your Saturday was just as splendid if not more, however you decided to spend it!

✨Thank you for reading✨

Happy National Batman day!


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