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NastyGal Halloween Sale - teeny Haul

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

My shortest try-on haul yet lol! Mainly because it wasn't expected. I don't even know what my purpose for online-window-shopping was that day. Maybe I was looking for Halloween sales, lol? Either way, NG was the only site that actually seemed to put their "Halloween/Costume" merch on sale...I never quicked out a cart so quick 😅!

How's the finished look? Contrary to popular belief, aside from the skelly bits, I didn't buy these items to really be worn together lol! It's definitely too late to pull these out for a Halloween look, but I bet I can still work them in to a punky/goth winter coord ❄️!

I chose a size 6 for the bodysuit, and I think that it fits me just fine. Not too tight, not too baggy anywhere. I wish I'd gotten a couple pairs of the cut out tights...because they're so cute and I want them to last forever 🥹! I'd never worn tights quite like these before, but when I tell you they were adorable on! Sadly, they are now sold out now 😅. Sorry!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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