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Monotone Blue 💙

✨Hello lovely beings✨

I've wanted to buy and read Monotone Blue for some time now. I believe I first stumbled on it in a 2nd&Charles bookshop, which made it only fitting for me to finally purchase a copy from there during one of their manga sales [Bogo 50% off].

Hachi finds most things monotonous, especially high school. When Aoi -a quiet, high-achieving transfer student--arrives, Hachi catches a glimpse of a more colorful life. If Hachi can help Aoi open up, unlocking new feelings in the process, maybe life won't be so dull after all. 💙💙💙💙💙

I tried at least 4 different times not to cry while I was reading, but in the end the tears of sweet coming of age stories did fall! The tone was quite comfortable throughout, while still allowing the reader to feel each emotion the characters were experiencing in their different situations. If Monotone Blue ever gets animated, I will run to watch it [hint hint anime gawds]! If you enjoy manga that tickle at your feels, then I recommend Monotone Blue for you. Makes me want to look into some of Nagabe's other works for sure.

✨Thank you for reading✨


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