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Momocon Winterfest 2021[cosplay.expereince.gets]

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hello lovely beings ✨

Though life hasn't gotten back to normal just yet, some events are attempting to safely open their doors to patrons. Momocon Winterfest being one of those events. They made sure that any attendees were either vaccinated [with proof on hand], or had a negative test on site before being able to pick up or even purchase a pass.

I hadn't been to a convention in some time, so I was a good bit on the nervous side to be out and about. With the convention being held during winter time, I decided I wanted my cosplay to be Christmas themed.

Cosplay: Afro-Xmas Harley Quinn

Bodysuit: @celestestaysewin

Hair: Amazon

Contacts: TTDEYE

Tights: Amazon

Hair ribbon/wrapped bat: Walmart

Due to being in a bit of a hurry and only being able to go for one day, I didn't take a lot of pictures. I had a couple photos taken of me, but you know how easy those are to find.

Dealer's Room Finds

Three big comfy tees, a couple deku figures, and two My Hero Academia blind boxes. Not pictured: I also bought a butt ton of comics that I already wrapped for my father's xmas present, and some lovely tea and honey from Biron Teas.

Though I didn't do as much as I used to get to do back in my anime con days, I still had a lot of fun and feel like I got to buy all the goodies I desired. It was definitely a push I needed to get back into Cosplay, as it's something I do actually find joy in.

Adorable Aggretsuko cosplayer, and my precious Poison Ivy counterpart.

-Thanks you for reading-


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