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Lush x One Piece

Hello lovely beings


You've read that correct. It looks as though Lush has joined the ranks of those showing proper praise to the anime community, and added some One Piece inspired bath bits to their arsenal of self care accoutrements.

Though I have not taken time to watch One Piece [I find chopper dang adorable, but find the rest of the art style too harsh to give it the time it million episode face ahhh..], I do still think this is a great starter collaboration for Lush to make it's way into may into creating more anime inspired products for us bath-lovers to enjoy.

Here are the different styles of One Piece bath products you get to choose from:

They're limited edition for now, and it looks like the Knot Wrap is already sold out. Check your local stores to see if you're able to pick up any goodies in person. As far as the Atlanta area, it looks like I'm only able to shop the One Piece line online.

They also added a manga-esque interactive storyline type thing for their Lord of Misrule and Snow Fairy products, with the main focus being on Lord of Misrule [for spooky season purposes of course].

My answers got me the character energy of Snow Fairy 🧚‍♀️.

Did I mention that you also get to take a picture as the character your energy gave? I don't think that the Snow Fairy look translates as very flattering with the bed-bug look I was already sporting. I wonder how I would have looked as the Lord of Misrule 🧐.

If all of this isn't enough fun for you, it looks like some of the locations are holding a Bath Bomb Pressing Party on Saturday, October 15th [oop tomorrow] from 12pm-3pm.

Feels like Lush is doing October right, so far. I can only imagine what they've got cooked up for the rest of spoopy season, and the coming holidays!

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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