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Lil' Dude in Pueblo [miniblog]

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

First things first, let's all warmly welcome Lil' Dude to the blog. Since the day Lil' Dude was won from the quarter machine at the antique mall, he has been my trusty pocket-companion. An Ogre-Stanley if you will [like flat-stanley, get it? *slaps knee*]. He had a different name upon his arrival, but I definitely forgot it immediately after giving it to him lol.

Lil dude's first flight AND first time visiting Pueblo, Colorado. Luckily for LD, I've made got a couple trips to Colorado City under my belt. He's at least traveling with someone who's touched Colorado soil lol.

Not too bad for Lil' Dude's first time on a plane. He especially enjoyed peeping out at the cloudscapes....and the in flight trail mix.

We all landed, and safely [and soundly] made our way to our airbnb, which was quite the beaut. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen with just about everything I could want [minus a dishwasher...but this aint our house!]

Fun Fact: Pueblo chilis are apparently a big thing, and better than Colorado Springs' hatch chilis. Was told to try the slopper [[[please google this]]] burger? We did not [[[sweat and grin emoji]]]

Dispensary hopping bay-bee!! We started our dispensary tour at Maggies Farm [East], then made our way to The Spot, Terps Dispensary, and Rocky Mountain Blaze. My personal favs were definitely Terps, and Rocky Mountain Blaze due to their set up, and prices. Everyone was friendly though, and made sure we were comfy and having a good time. Oooo look at the pretty flowers 🌼

For a more detailed look at my actual trip, feel free to scoochie on over here for my full Pueblo trip post.

✨Lil Dude Thanks you for reading✨


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