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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hello lovely beings ✨

I hope January has been treating you like the sweet beans you are. Jan has allowed me to stay on top of good feels and stay working on growth thus far.

-Good Habit forming Gear-

After watching @withdrawngoddess stories about what she's been picking up from Ross for her New Year, I took my lil self on over to see if I could find some goodies. My main focus going in were glass containers [to replace the plastic ones in my cabinets], and at-home exercise bits. I ended up finding some really great things! The gear I was initially searching for, fuzzy love socks, blending markers, a massager, and two sweaters. The brown one was only $2.49😱!

-Puzzle Lovah-

World Market put almost all of their toys on a 75% off sale, which meant I could snag a couple puzzles I've had my eyes on. Not only are puzzles personally fun for me, they're also good to help keep my brain happy and healthy. Eyes too, I'm sure! I already put together the round one, and am loving how beautiful it looks all done.

-Random Happenings-

Have you been keeping up with this part two of the new season of Attack on Titan?! I almost want to stop watching them until they build up so I can binge them...but I also can't wait at all! Finally received my journal for the first half of this year. I got to personalizing it [with hella stickers and such], and already wrote a couple entries. Since the hours at retail job have died down, I've had more time to muck around at home, which has led me to making special brownies on a Monday. Met a lovely woman named Mama Mojaih at the train station, and enjoyed sharing information with each other. Ended the week with some trifil-tude at work... I can't understand the type of person that opens a jar on a store shelf, and just reaches in and takes out a snack. Then leaves said half-eaten snack on shelf 😅.

-Fav Selfies-

Just your local goober, goobering. I absolutely love putting the little Star Face stars on, and wearing them like usual accessories...while they help problem areas on my face 😅. Did you celebrate National Sticker Day [1.13]? I updated my planner with my daily check off stickers, stars of course. We also got a snow day randomly on Sunday, which I loved and would have loved even more if I weren't at work. One of my lovely followers on the gram blessed me with a wishlist treat in the form of a precious kuromi two piece!

-Healthy Noms-

Going strong with healthier choices, and no meat for January! I've perfected the heck out of avocado toast, and wraps with all sorts of delicious combinations. I've also been loving these vegan dumplings I stumbled on at Target. I could have them as a dish staple, or even as a little snack.

-Internet, you funny-

Please tell me a more intense name than Diswaisha [aka my grocery delivery driver].


Thank you for reading


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