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KSU Zine Fest @ Dr. No's

Hello lovely beings

The comic shop that I most frequent, Dr No's, was holding a little Zine Festival this passed weekend. Dr No's collaborates with the design students at KSU, from time to time, allowing them to set up vending tables displaying some of their works. As a young lass, zines intrigued me a good bit. I've never actually made one for my own work, but that doesn't stop me from supporting other artists who have.


IG: @leononchalant + @hunni.dew.designs + @bunnichiiart

There were two out of five vendors I neglected to get info for 😅

I've already adorned my journal with the stickers I picked out from Chloe at hunni.dew.designs, and stuck bunnichiiart's keychain to my keys.

Now, this being held at a comic shop, I apparently couldn't walk out without picking out a new comic or two for the collection 😭✨.

Due to this being a smaller space, such as a comic book shop, my anxieties were a little bit heightened. I let my partner do majority of the talking, but did end up getting chatty closer to the end due to compliments on my backpack lol ✨. All in all I had a pretty decent experience. I got to support some local up and coming artists, and snagged a handful of new comics at the same time. A weekend outing well spent.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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