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Introvert's Museum Adventure

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

As the title says, I fall under the category of introvert. Along with being an introvert, I also have anxiety that stems from doing things in social settings with strangers present. Add a hint of "going by yourself", and you've got the perfect mix for me to convince myself not to take part. Now that I'm older [than I once was], I'm trying to break out of that mindset and do more things outdoors. Even if that means I'll be my only companion.

I picked a day to go during the week, which meant there were little to no other humans enjoying the museum with me. I almost felt like I had the whole museum to myself! I initially went because they'd just put up the KAWS prints exhibit this passed Friday. When I arrived, I was delighted with a plethora of new exhibits I hadn't gotten a chance to view on my last visit.

With little to no other people around, I felt comfortable enough to completely take my time. Roaming around to every nook and cranny of displayed art piece. I was able to take selfies alongside the pieces and areas that I found the most aesthetically pleasing, but made sure to take pics of everything that moved or inspired me and my creativity. I would have stayed much longer had my phone battery not been dying on me. Join me in enjoying this photo-dump-like tour of what I enjoyed at the High museum.

KAWS Prints

Really Free: The Radical Art of Nellie Mae Rowe

African Art

Howard Finster, Mary Procter

Paa Joe: Gates of no Return

Eugene Von Bruechenhein & Joe Light

So much more✨

I'm sure it fully reads, through all the photos, how much I fully enjoyed the museum. My phone battery was dying, and I had to ensure I could get back home so I wasn't able to see every exhibit. That only means that I must work on planning my next visit!


There was only on artbook for the KAWS prints, so I ended up with some cute Friday Khalo and Gustav Klimt bits. You can't convince me that that Frida mug isn't dang adorable! If my picture heavy photo dump did nothing else, I hope it encourages you to visit your local museum as well.

-Thank you for reading-


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I am an introvert as well w/ anxiety but honestly I’d rather go out w/ at least one other person I’m comfortable w/… I just have this weird feeling about going out by myself… now if I NEED to do something I will travel alone but if I’m doing some kind of entertaining thing I would enjoy the company of another person…


Yeah I feel you… it’s hard to find people that like the same things you do… maybe it’s not about finding someone who already likes it but finding someone you can introduce things too… opposites attract y’know... You can however find some similarities w/ other people… I guess that’s how it starts…

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