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HipComic [Review + Haul]

Hello lovely beings

Hyperfixation happens when you're completely engrossed by something, to the point where it becomes all-consuming and disrupts your day-to-day functioning.

If you haven't already noticed, comics have become the newest spotlight of my hyperfixations. The wildest part about it, for me, is how intensely I stayed far far away from this happening, and for so long. Alas here I stand, googling comic information and scouring the web for decent online comic vendors. Which leads me to reviewing my experience with the website HipComic

Look at how they entice you!?!

There's no other way to say how I came upon this website, other than it was randomly picked when searching for xmas gifts for my own comic nerds. Come to find out....HipComic houses an unmeasurable number of comics up for auction, or to be bought immediately. You can even offer prices on some of the items that aren't listed for auction. The database has almost every comic I've searched for so far. It's wild!

order placed: October 25 - order received: October 28

We can't leave self out when treating humans to their likes, now can we? I was more than surprised to find a series of Batman comics that I felt I could sit down and actually read.

I tried to keep my first order light since I was just giving HipComics a try, and went with the vendor InfinityComics. I ended up winning bids on Batman: Haunted Gotham #1,2 and 4 [for myself], a gift for Christmas, and Batman: Three Jokers #3 Variant. Not only was it easy for me to find specific comics I was looking for, but I was able to snag them at ridiculously good prices. The shipping for InfinityComics was based on how many comics are in your order. I believe shipping on one to three is $6.99, three to eight is $11.99, and eight plus is $14.99. I usually hate having to pay any shipping at all, but I wasn't too bothered after I factored in how reasonable each comic came out to be.

Not only was the shipping extremely fast, but the packaging. Oh how I appreciate people who care about sturdy packaging when mailing off flimsy things. Bags and boards can help keep things unbent in a low impact setting, but the extra cardboard care that InfinityComics put into my order was exactly what was needed. Everybody stayed nice and snug during transit.

✨ The spoils ✨

Enjoy my super crafty digital hide the present need to look close!


BATMAN: Haunted Gotham

[I truly hope you read this in a menacing voice]

You may be wondering why someone would have been so mean as to only list issues 1,2 and 4. Well, they didn't 😅. I just happened to be sniped for issue #3 while I was bidding on the others. In addition to some random bidder attempting to make my first order more expensive than I wanted, the cover for issue 3 was the least exciting. Made it way less painful to only walk away with these other three issues. I'm excited to see what creepiness awaits me within.

Batman: Three Jokers

book three

I was surprised to find a plethora of variants for Batman: Three Jokers. This was also supposed to be for xmas gifting, but the receiver saw that I'd purchased book two in person. So...I let them have 'em 😂. At least this means I get to share this awesomely creepy cover with you!

Ending thoughts on HipComic? I think I love it 💖 . Since placing this order...I think I've gone back to look at auctions almost every day 😅. I've also...already placed my second order with InfinityComics specifically, and well on my way to setting up a third 😂! If you plan to shop with HipComic, be sure to check shipping rates for each seller, as well as quantities. Rates differ from seller to seller, and some have a flat fee or charge more for add ons. There are also fixed priced items, available to be bought on the spot. Some of the sellers allow you to offer a fair price if you don't like what they've priced thier listings at.

It was fated that I'd pick a vendor who not only has a huge collection of comics to chose from, but they also provide super fast shipping with proper packaging. If you haven't already assumed, I highly recommend this site for my fellow comic-book lovers who are looking for a website for obscure, older [talking as if I'm not a beginner lol], and even modern comics. I'm excited to see what other kinds of comics I'll be able to find.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨

🐙 📚

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