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Happy Holidays ❄️

Hello lovely beings

I hope you all have had a wonderful set of holidays! I hope they've been filled with love, warmth, and the best of energy that doesn't let you go until the next set of hearwarming holidays! Mine was delightful, and I've come to dump a smorgasbord of random festive photos...and gift pics ✨

We did something a teeny bit different this year. This was my first year moved back in with moms [very good thing], so our spirits were festively high. We started cooking a Christmas Eve brunch type menu. Crab quiche, mini crawfish quiche, muffins and fruit, and some sparkling non-alcoholic beverages. We usually open one gift in the evenings of Christmas Eve, but this year we were so excited that we just decided to let everybody open them all 😂.

My partner made his way over early, so we ate and started divvying out presents between the three of us! I'm a selfish gifter, meaning I gift to ensure I get as many happy and positive feelings in return. I felt it was a super successful Christmas, as I received many a gasp and excited noise upon opening what I got for others. The plus was that the feelings were ever so mutual!

✨ From brother + brother's GF ✨

✨ From Mother ✨

✨ From my heart [partner] ✨

✨ From Father ✨

Not pictured: a thoughtful stocking with health+self care items and matching jammies.

✨ A minuscule showing of a more than lovely holiday care package from David

There were just so many lovely things, this does not even begin to show what all was lovingly and carefully included. I really was only expecting the handful of volumes of manga, and couldn't be more grateful [and super speechless] for all the goodies you decided to add 😭 💕!

✨ An anime lovers dream care package from MG

I'm not going to need a new manga to read for quite some time! I'm way too excited to finally be able to read Blood on the Tracks! This Strawberry Marshmallow chic has been poppin up on my IG algorithm quite a lot, and took it as a sign that I needed it in my life. And though I feel like I've taken in Corpse Party in all it's forms, I'm not fully sure if I've given the live action any attention. Now's definitely the time! This was an extremely exciting set of anime lover goodies to receive as a gift 😭!

My heart is so full with all the good intended humans this year has brought me to. I am grateful for my family and loved ones, and am excited for what positivity the future has in store.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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