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Georgia Ren Faire 2024

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

This year, my partner and I got together with some of his close friends to cute + goof around the GA Renaissance Faire. I dressed as a Fairy, and my partner a warrior. Both from a long-ear bloodline of course, lol.

The last time I remember going to the renaissance faire was, for sure, as a youngster. The only thing I really remember is big a** turkey legs, funnel cake, and maybe a joust or two. It's safe to say it has aged decently well. There was so much to look at, goodies to buy, and all the food to try!

We were quickly found by Zolton the Adequate and had him convince us to come watch his comedy show. Was it amazing? Brilliant? Nah, just adequate [iykyk 😆]. If you're into crude, and wacky comedy then you must try to catch a Zolton show at your own ren faire! I was also able to get a few pics with the worlds most adorable albino rat due to my love for animals outweighing my allergy to animal dander 😅.

No food photos as proof, but we did end up eating:

Giant Turkey Leg

Funnel Cake

Magic Lavender Lemonade

Blue Rasp. Icee

Meatballs w/ Sauce

Barbacoa Tacos

We genuinely had a good time. I always love an outing where my heart and I can do some dressing up, and the temperatures weren't too bad for the day we went. Bought some things, watched a couple shows, and ate til our hearts content.

✨ 🐙 ✨

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