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Revolving Sushi Factory 🍣

Updated: Jun 4

Hello lovely beings

My partner and I went out to Revolving Sushi Factory [Kennesaw], which was my first time experiencing a revolving sushi restaurant. I've only ever watched others enjoy through videos, and have always wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Being a Friday evening, it was packed to the gills. Even with it being busy, the wait for a table wasn't too too bad. I think they gave an estimate of 30min, and we only had to wait about 15-20. Even with the size of the restaurant not being all that big, the servers seemed to be on top of servicing the tables when needed.

Once sat down, we put in our drink orders and started picking plate after plate of sushi rolls. There was so many good choices to pick from, I think we ended up trying about 6 or 7 different rolls. We got a couple of our usuals, and mixed it up with trying things like squid and spicy rolls with cheese. You could order specific things like soups, rice bowls, drinks, and desserts from a screen above each table. Once special things were picked, they would come out on a special train, right in front your table.

With each little black plate costing $2.80, and the red plates being priced at no more than $6.50, it was not hard to go back for thirds and fourths. Though I'd like to see how other revolving sushi restaurants are in the city, I did enjoy the experience a lot and would eat there again.

Mini Eat w/ Me

Have you tried out a revolving restaurant sushi yet? If not, I recommend you get your booty down to one asap. Even if it's just to try once.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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