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Eats This Week: Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Recommended by a Coworker

One lunch afternoon at work, delicious scents of decently made shrimp friend rice filled the air. Once the culprit was found, I learned these aromas came from a coworker who ordered from Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille. The smells her food produced along with the amount that was packed into her container led another coworker and I to venture there for after work noms.

What my hungry self ordered 😅

Tofu Mixed

Pan sauteed tofu with mixed vegetables in house special sauce, topped with wakame and sesame. Served with a side of white rice, ginger salad, and miso soup. This was decently flavored, and a pretty good amount of food. I wasn't expecting mushrooms, and do wish there were none. Alright as leftovers. 2.5/5

Scorpion Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado and crispy soft shell crab inside topped with cooked shrimp and served with unagi sauce. This was a very tasty roll. Would have to be the favorite thing I ordered. I appreciate the added touch of having it shaped into a Scorpion lol. Still good as leftovers. 4.5/5

Cha Cha Cha Roll

Crispy Avocado Roll topped with spicy hot wok shrimp, scallions, aioli and unagi sauce. This roll was pretty good, but odd texture wise. I think the way that they fried the roll made my mouth believe there was cream cheese somewhere within...but there wasn't 😅. I think I preferred the spicy shrimp mixture on top over the actual roll. Alright as leftovers. 3/5

Coworker's Order

Chicken Katsu Dinner

Breaded Chicken Cutlet, deep fried to a golden perfection, served with tangy tonkatsu sauce. Which also came with the white rice, ginger salad, and miso soup. My coworker wasn't much pleased with the flavors her meal gave her. The salad was starting to make her nauseous, and she wasn't impressed with the Chicken Kastu.. She did say the miso soup was her meal's saving grace 😅. Oh! And the fact that there were veggies hiding under her chicken katsu lol. At least she got to enjoy some white wine with dinner. 2/5

The service was decent, especially with how busy it seemed. The atmosphere wasn't too loud with the amount of people that were there. There were a handful of other sushi rolls that sounded yummy enough to give a try. I don't know that I'd pick to eat here again if it was solely based on their entrees though. Maybe I should have gone with trying out the shrimp friend rice that initially made us want to give this place a try.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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