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Eats This Week: K-Town Korean BBQ

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Food. Price. Service = one delicious outing!!

The amount of equally scrumptious side dishes made for quite the added bonus. My coworker and I ended up ordering two meats each. Shrimp, spicy chicken, pork belly, and beef. At this particular KBBQ joint, the staff cooks all of your proteins for you✨

All of the things were so tasty! We almost ate everything, only leaving minuscule scraps of the side dishes and bits of the pork [as I'm trying to stay away from ingesting it] due to the yummy flavors. The prices of the meats range from ~$25-$40 and get plenty to eat. There are combos available that a little higher ranging ~$95-$150, but you get anywhere from 5 to 8 different proteins! I think you already know this is the perfect place for a treat yoself day.

If you're a lover of KBBQ, you've got to give K-Town Korean BBQ a go.

-Thank you for reading-


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