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Eats This Week - CAVA

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Fast casual restaurant, but make it Mediterranean and you get Atlanta's new Cava. Highly recommended to me by a coworker, and surprisingly on the way home, made it easy for me to give this place a try.

What I ordered



[Splendid Greens+Brown Rice]

Spicy Lamb Meatballs + Falafel

Fire Roasted Corn

Persian Cucumbers


Shredded Romaine

Harissa Hummus

Roasted Eggplant Dip

Red Pepper Hummus

Hot Harissa Vinaigrette

As you can see, I tried my darnedest to ensure my G+G bowl would be spicy enough for me. Even with all my effort in choosing every spicy ingredient, the spice levels were still vey low 😅. I'm also unsure if it's supposed to be warm meal, but mine was cold. I think it would have been yummier if my protein and grain were at least a little on the warmer side. The staff at the location I ended up at were very friendly, and the toppings were the real stars. You even have the option to include a little pita.

I'm undecided if I'll give it another go. My coworker did say that their's was warm, so maybe if I go at an earlier time my experience will be different. If you're wondering, I would still recommend that you at least give it one try!

-Thank you for reading-


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