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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Good morning🌅

If you're a fellow self-proclaimed foodie like me, this post might just be right up your ally! There's just something so magical about taking some time to enjoy some new, and familiar eats. I got into a little bit of both this weekend.

I'll start with something familiar. Early on in the week, I noticed a new Gusto! location was being built not too far from me. By Friday, they'd posted on their instagram stories that they were postponing their grand opening. Even though they weren't fully able to open, they still offered free drive-thru for up to two meals this past Saturday. You know I had to hop on!

Now, I've had Gusto previously, but it was a first for my partner [who I dragged along with me]. Luckily, it's not hard for new or returning customers to figure out something they'd like to try. You pick a flavor profile, then your base, and a protein, and you're ready to chow down! Everything is at a good level of healthy also with vegan and pescatarian options available.

We found our spot in line, and waited a little bit under an hour. The wait time made sense due to everyone being excited for free food. My partner picked out the Chipotle Mango Avocado, 1/2&1/2 base, and Umami Tofu. I chose the Chile Sesame BBQ, 1/2&1/2 base, and the spicy grilled chicken. We also picked their fresh limeade and a sweet tea for our beverage. If you're new to Gusto, every order also comes with a set of sweet potato chips. They are absolutely delicious, and that's coming from someone who isn't fully down to eat sweet potatoes.

Mango Chipotle Avocado

I forgot to take a photo of my yumminess, but did put together a happy-starfish tok to show my enjoyment✨. If you ever find yourself in the closer-to-Atlanta areas of Georgia, I'd recommend you give Gusto! a taste.

Now onto something new for the tastebuds!

Tupelo Honey! "We make your favorite Southern dishes from scratch us ing thoughtfully- and responsibly- sourced ingredients." Oh, I can 100% believe that statement. I picked the Sriracha Honey Fried Chicken and Waffles, with a side of their house made fried pickles, and salt & pepper crispy brussels.

Mac + Cheese Waffle

The fried pickles were cut thinner than I'm used to, making for a less pickley flavor. Not exactly what I look for in a fried pickle, personally. The brussels sprouts were nicely seasoned, and tasted yummy dipped in the Sriracha honey sauce. I'd actually never had chicken and waffles before. To my surprise, they didn't come with syrup. Adding my own just took them exactly where these waffles needed to be! I enjoyed the flavors of the fried chicken with the waffle, and even liked that they made a mac and cheese waffle to go along with it.

I'm happy I got to enjoy some noms from both of these places this week. Making a delicious end to a semi-stressful work week. I recommend both places, except don't get the fried pickles from Tupelo Honey if you're used to tasting the actual pickle 😅.

-Thank you for Reading-


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