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Dr. Nos Comics + Games White Elephant Book Exchange 2023🎁✨

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

I absolutely adore participating in cute stuff like this 🥹!

When I saw Dr. No's post about this here White Elephant exchange on thier instagram, I almost instantly started to think of which trade I wanted to submit! My partner and I almost sent the post to each other at the same time. We were both so excited lol. At first, I thought I'd pick Razorblades....BUT only because I want it for myself 😅. Instead, I took a little more time and looked around for something I'd already read and enjoyed. Something I'd gift to a fellow lover of comics, that I also don't think they would have picked up on their own. After many a-browsing, I landed on Once Upon A Time at the End of the World volume one trade✨

Look how goood it looks waiting to be wrapped up, and chosen!

I don't know if I've taken part in a White Elephant exchange in the past, so this is my first real memory of participating in one. They printed out rules, and had them set up on the tables. Which all of us needed 😅! It was a lot more fun than introvert-me expected! I ended up with Survival Street, which was a big win since I'd already wanted to read it and had an issue 1 waiting at home. My partner got a trade from the Poison Ivy world, which was quite popular amongst the other participants!

This was apparently the first year for Dr. Nos to do this White Elephant exchange, and luckily it seems like they enjoyed hosting and are going to continue ✨

What would you buy if you took part in a Comic Book Trade White Elephant party, and what would be your dream trade to unwrap??

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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