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Current Comic Collection: December '22 [additions + read]

Hello lovely beings

It looks like a young Starfish has added quite a bit to her comic collection this passed October. Here's a little update to the list as of my current December collection, and what I've been actually reading so far.

✨Box Total: 185✨

Added to the Box

Ones read so far will be pictured!

30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow 1-3

Sasquatch: War Ender

Afterschool 1

Amazing Forest 1

Batman: Haunted Gotham 1,2,4

Batman's Mystery Casebook [free]

Bedlam 1

Bill & Ted's Day of the Dead

Bill & Ted presents Death

Briar 1

Bunny Mask 1

Chicken Devil 1

The Closet 1-3

The Conjuring: The Lover 1,4

Creepshow 2 [cover A+B]

Crossed [2014 Special]

Maneaters: The Cursed 1

Daphne Bryne 1-2

David Bryne's Cancelled

Dark Ride 1

Deadbox 1

Dead Mall 1-2

Door to Door, Night by Night 1

Eat the Rich 1

Evil Ernie 2

Follow Me into the Darkness 1

Fuck this Place 2

The Grave Diggers Union 1

DC's: Grifter Got Run Over by a Reindeer 1

Halloween Party [one shot]

Edgar Allen Poe's Haunt of Horrors 1

Heartbeat 2

Hecate's Will 1

Home Sick Pilots 1

House of 1000 Conkies

House of Slaughter 1-2

I Hate Fairyland 1

Jeepers Creepers 1

Knock 'Em Dead 1

The Last Book You'll Ever Read 1-2

Maniac of New York 1

Image: Mars Attacks 2-3

Maw 1

Monsters of Metal [one shot]

Nailbiter 4-5

Naughty List 1

Nice House on the Lake 2-4

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World 1

Plush 1

Refrigerator Full of Heads 3-5

Shadecraft 1-2

Slumber 3-4

Something is Killing the Children 1

Stray Dogs 1

Stray Dogs Dog Days 2

Stuff of Nightmares 2

Sweet Paprika 1-5]

Ten Thousand Black Feathers 1

Trick or Read Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Trick or Read Parasyte

Trick or Read Strange Academy - Son of Dormammu

The Twilight Zone [1st issue]

Unnatural 1-2,7-8,10-11

Un/Sacred 1,3

Wonder Woman 1984 1

Year Zero Volume 0 1-2

I was just gathering all the comics and reading none for a moment there. I'm happy I've gotten a good little bit of my collection finally read [emphasis on little]. I'm even versed enough to have noticed I have a couple favorite artists. So far, Peach Momoko's style is absolutely mesmerizing, and I also seem to be drawn to Mirka Andolfo's storylines. What most sparks my interest is still spooky contents over anything else. I've also decided the best way to set up my first couple of comic boxes. One will be my unread, and one will be my read. I'm a genius aren't I 😂?!

Those who find themselves forgetting which comics are already in their collection, HipComic has a feature where you can take pictures [or "scan"] of your comics as a sort of portable comic box. Taking the pictures adds the comic to a little digital database, and you can even search the titles in your collection to easily see which issues you do and don't have. Though it doesn't seem to be able to successfully scan every single title in it's database, it's been able to label a decent majority that I've uploaded so far. It's an easier option, for someone like me, then keeping a physical list.

Do you know how many comics you have in your collection?

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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