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Colorado Trip '23: The Hot Spot

✨Hello Lovely beings✨

Disclaimer: I neglected to take any selfies 😂 So that's that lol!

During our Colorado Trip, I wanted to introduce my partner to new foods and quickly found a place to try some hot pot. He's never had it, and I love me some good hot pot! This particular hot pot spot was located in the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs. The mall's foot traffic wasn't too crazy, especially compared to Atl's business, so we were very quickly seated and served!

We picked our soup base, ingredients, and they even brought out a couple slices of watermelon early as our "dessert". I'm more used to using a cooking pot embedded in the table, so the surface burner was new for me. Luckily, it didn't take away from the flavors at all! Good atmosphere, good ingredients, and good flavor. If you find yourself randomly in Colorado Springs, give the Hot Spot a try.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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