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Bask & Lather Co. Experience + Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Good day good people!

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It's about that time again. The skin cells are doing whatever they do to make me need to figure out what's the best skincare and haircare for me right now. It's as if my body becomes immune and needs something stronger, BETTER! Anyways, I've recently come across this company I'd found on instagram, Bask&Lather. They had some highly believable claims, and with still being in recovery mode for my Dyshidrotic Eczema, I decided to try them out for myself.

One of the daughters of the creator lost her hair due to wring-worm spreading over her scalp. After being misdiagnosed, and having to go to many a doctor, the mother created her own scalp formula to help treat what her daughter was going through. Healing her daughter's scalp and stimulate hair growth again.

My scalp had been highly irate, and I'd done a somewhat protective style which surprisingly made the irritation worse. Prior to getting my hair done, I decided to purchase their Hair Elixir, and a Scalp Stimulator. Since I have a somewhere in the 4 range of hair types [not 100% sure which] the instructions advised me to use both products 3-4x a week. Let me start off by first saying, the scent of both products were heavenly. They gave me the minty vibes I needed to get through my days, and the scent would waft to my nostrils periodically throughout at least half of the day.

I actually started to try out trying the hair elixir first. After rinsing and detangling my hair in the morning, I'd run it through my hair from root to tip. After a few uses, I noticed my curls start to lack definition. The ingredients were all natural, so I wasn't sure what was causing that to happen. I even tried using it along with the hair oil to see if that helped. That it did not. After about a week of trying it out, I completely stopped using the elixir.

Completed majority of this bottle, but not happily. It was the only oil I had at the moment, so I forced my way through using it to help keep my scalp moist. Immediately upon first scalp was inflamed. Not severely, but the itch was way too much. I chalked it up to my scalp being annoyed with the hairstyle. I honestly believe that the recipe aggravated my eczema, and kicked it into high gear. Once I took out the hairstyle, I stopped using this too.


The time the products took to reach me didn't seem to be too long of a wait. I was also turned off by the packaging due to the products being in the same baggie, making one leak onto the other (and itself). That left the products feeling forever oily, every time I went to use them.

My hair and scalp have been feeling so much better after stopping using both products. Based on my personal experience, I would never purchase any of the Bask & Lather products again. Everybody's different, though! Still give their products a go if you think it would be something you'd find useful in your hair arsenal. I do wish they offered trial or travel sizes instead of having to buy the full size bottles. I did end up donating the remainder of the hair elixir to a friend who I hope has better results.

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