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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Classic Starfish.

Not being able to say no to an email promising me monties off of goodies I've decided to add to my life. The culprit this round happened to be with offers of 25% off of "The Best of the Best" goods they have to offer.

5'2 + 120lbs + Size bought: Small

Vans Checked Out Bralette + Bike Shorts

I usually wear a medium in bottoms so was a wee bit skeptical on choosing to get this set, due to the shorts only being available in a size small. Everything ended up being quite comfortable on arrival. Hues of blues are high on my favorite colors list, and this set doesn't disappoint. The fact that it's a calming shade of blue is the icing on the cake for me.

Super Chill Mini Cooler Bag - Fun with the Sun

I've not yet tried this cooler bag out, but after reading the reviews I couldn't help adding it to my cart. It's larger that I expected it to be on arrival, and most reviews said you can fit at least a six pack of canned sodas in it. I'm excited to get some use out of it for picnicking this spring.

What's For Lunch - Coming Up Roses

Teeheehee. As you can see, I already leaked chlorophyll on the inside of this bad boy 😅. Which should also tell you that I've already started using it. I love it! It's the perfect size to fit everything I need to take for a fulfilling lunch. There's even room to fit in snacks [ontop of the actual meal] and a beverage!

Getaway Passport Holder - Field Day

Mainly purchased this cutie because of how adorable it is... ok that's a lie! The actual reason I purchased this dang adorable passport holder was because I washed my passport 😅. When I showed it to people, they'd think it was fake or take extra moments to semi-clown on me and what I possible did to get it to look the way it did lol. I had been on a search for a cute passport holder, so it was nice that this one was included in the sale!

Joy Is My Priority Striped Tee

-not pictured [on me]-

She's a sucker for shirts with positive sayings on them, especially if they get to be colorfully striped. The fabric is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. I can easily wear it lounging about indoors, or style it to be worn out and about. I've definitely already worn it to work. It's a wee bit oversized, so I was able to order a small and it not end up being shnug.

All kinds of happy choices.

-Thank you for reading-


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