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Advent: Treat YoSelf-Love Stocking

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This time of year brings stress in many different forms. Holidays back-to-back, work hours possibly increasing, finding the perfect gift for those on your shopping lists. It can feel endless! I decided to try something new to distract myself from heavy stressors with some self-loving in the form of treating myself to a daily present! Kind of like an advent calendar, but with a stocking full of little gifts I've purchased myself over the year. This way I can still gibe focus to those in my list, but without forgetting about myself.

-Step One-

Find the most aesthetically pleasing stocking

that will warm the cockles of my heart just by looking at it!

-Step Two-

Buy, gather, and wrap many lovely mini gifts during the year and holiday sales.

-Step Three-

Wrap them and put them in

stocking for future unwrappings!

Do I look like I just woke up on christmas morning? I haven't fully stuffed my stocking just yet, but there are still plenty of goodies to be unwrapped. Google told me that November 28th was the first day of advent, but I chose to start on the first of December, so I can end right on Christmas Eve.

Day 1 + 2


Are you amongst the people that celebrates "advent", or do you just save all your gifting for Christmas day? I think this would be a fun idea for you to try if you're someone who leaves yourself out when there are others to be taken care of, or if you're just someone who enjoys treating themselves.

-Thank you for reading-


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