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2nd&Charles Fill-a-Tote Sale

✨ Hello lovely beings ✨

I literally talked myself out and back in to taking advantage of this tote deal at 2nd and Charles 😅. We usually stop at both the Kennesaw and the Roswell location during our down time on weekends, so of course this weekend wasn't any different. I refrained from picking up too much manga because 20% wasn't going to feel like much after I end up picking up all the titles I truly wanted to read lol.

The first 2nd only had their 4.99 totes available, so my mission was to save more than $5 at the very least. It definitely wasn't as hard as it sounded lol! Not only did I get a couple goodies for self, but I was also able to find some items for people on my gifting list! Well, mainly mom LOL! The Dabi and the Yuno Funko Pops are for her collection. I was literally floored when my partner pointed Dabi out for under $100. The fact that the tote bag discount applied to him also just made it that much easier to snag him up with a quickness. I think he'll look perfect in her lil Dabi shrine ✨

OOP! I almost completely forgot! At 2nd numero uno, I also picked up this Shiguraki figure for my partner. It was supposed to be for xmas, but I truly could not wait 😅 He was doing a good job of not looking at it, and where I had it in the tote was next to invisible...but alas I gave it up now lol!

Luckily enough, stop number two had their 1.99 totebags...well one that I happened to see almost immediately and snagged up SO QUICK. I think it was their only one, but I wasn't spending another $5 on another tote bag lol! This is easily all my goodies, but my partner also scored two comics from the binder. Which is where they keep the higher priced issues. If my memory is right, they were Usagi Yojimba #1 and Spawn #1 for the ever-growing Spawn #1 collection lol!

And of course I already opened my little Ryuko addition to my little collection! I'm not sure what this series for Good Smile is called, but it is way too cute 🥹.

✨ Thank you for reading ✨


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